Sox Offense Breaks through against Santana, Bullpen fails to hold another one

The White Sox bullpen is the reason why the White Sox will not go to the playoffs.  The White Sox sent Andy Sisco down, but what did they do to help themselves absolutely nothing.  After, a lot of deals that Kenny Williams consumated this year all around getting the bullpen better, they are worse.  The bullpen has blown 8 games already this year.  The offense facing Santana, Kazmir on consecutive days scored 4 or more runs on both days.  That is enough to win.  The White Sox better do something soon, or the season is in jeopardy.  If you also look at that rotation, I would put Buehrle, or Garland 1 or 2 and then have John Danks be your three, Contreras, your 4, and Javy, be your 5th starter.  Contreras does not look healthy and he looks to need more rest, Javy is giving up lots of runs.  Garland, Buehrle, and Danks are your most effective starters right now.


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