Buehrle outstanding might be his last start

After the White Sox won the 2005 Championship we all rejoiced.  All White Sox fans thought maybe Jerry Reinsdorf is not such a bad person.  He still got booed when the White Sox got their rings.  The 1994 wrangling between Reinsdorf and the player and the White flag trade of 1997, did not allow fans to come back until around 2000 and 2004.  The White Sox fans and Jerry Reinsdorf have not reconciled and the reason is because when Mark Buehrle is trying to be fair with the Chicago White Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf will not allow him to get a no trade for a $50 million dollar discount.  Mark Buehrle is the best pitcher along with Jon Garland the White Sox have.  Every person with the exception of Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams think the White Sox are being unreasonable.  If the White Sox let Buehrle go, there will be a rebuilding process, because White Sox fans will not come to the ballpark like they used to.  Jerry Reinsdorf you have won 6 championships with Bulls one with the White Sox why can’t you budge a little on this contract.  Buehrle has done everything he can to help this team.


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