Total Collapse.. and some knowledge

After the White Sox won the 2005 World Series, I thought to myself can this team repeat.  I so enjoyed the fact they had won it, but so many factors go into winning mostly health.  Also, when a team is on top usually, the only place for them to go is down.  Well, the White Sox have gone down to the last position in the division.   When anyteam loses 4 of its starters they are not going to be productive.  One thing, that really stands out is their young players got more experience.  The other is Joe "clutch" Crede is key to the White Sox winning saving games with both his glove and his bat.  Josh Fields is good, but he is no Joe Crede yet.  The White Sox can be great next year, if they stay healthy.  That is a big if though.  I do not blame Ozzie or Kenny for what happenned.  However, I wish Ozzie would know his players better, and he knows his players better.  Mike McDougal was hurt and now his pitching like his old self.    Why didn’t Ozzie and Don Cooper spot that earlier.  I think the same can be said with Contereras and Jon Garland.  When the White Sox have everyone of their parts playing without injuries watch out.  Take care Sox fans….  We still have 2005.


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    iam a huge sox fan. I think dat we shoud get some starr for da bulpen like neal cots, i meen he ripped it up for da cubs. ozzie shouldd also name brian andersen team captain. i meen have yo seen da hustle on dat dudes face when he runns

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