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Total Collapse.. and some knowledge

After the White Sox won the 2005 World Series, I thought to myself can this team repeat.  I so enjoyed the fact they had won it, but so many factors go into winning mostly health.  Also, when a team is on top usually, the only place for them to go is down.  Well, the White Sox have gone down to the last position in the division.   When anyteam loses 4 of its starters they are not going to be productive.  One thing, that really stands out is their young players got more experience.  The other is Joe "clutch" Crede is key to the White Sox winning saving games with both his glove and his bat.  Josh Fields is good, but he is no Joe Crede yet.  The White Sox can be great next year, if they stay healthy.  That is a big if though.  I do not blame Ozzie or Kenny for what happenned.  However, I wish Ozzie would know his players better, and he knows his players better.  Mike McDougal was hurt and now his pitching like his old self.    Why didn’t Ozzie and Don Cooper spot that earlier.  I think the same can be said with Contereras and Jon Garland.  When the White Sox have everyone of their parts playing without injuries watch out.  Take care Sox fans….  We still have 2005.


Buehrle outstanding might be his last start

After the White Sox won the 2005 Championship we all rejoiced.  All White Sox fans thought maybe Jerry Reinsdorf is not such a bad person.  He still got booed when the White Sox got their rings.  The 1994 wrangling between Reinsdorf and the player and the White flag trade of 1997, did not allow fans to come back until around 2000 and 2004.  The White Sox fans and Jerry Reinsdorf have not reconciled and the reason is because when Mark Buehrle is trying to be fair with the Chicago White Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf will not allow him to get a no trade for a $50 million dollar discount.  Mark Buehrle is the best pitcher along with Jon Garland the White Sox have.  Every person with the exception of Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams think the White Sox are being unreasonable.  If the White Sox let Buehrle go, there will be a rebuilding process, because White Sox fans will not come to the ballpark like they used to.  Jerry Reinsdorf you have won 6 championships with Bulls one with the White Sox why can’t you budge a little on this contract.  Buehrle has done everything he can to help this team.

Javy great has White Sox win finally.

Javy Vasquez gave up four more hits than Mark Buehrle, but two fewer runs as the White Sox finally won a game 3 to 0.  Vasquez was stellar, and the White Sox scored runs when they needed to.  I wish the White Sox would bring up some of the young arms in Charlotte, and so we could see how they would do. As I brought up before they need to and Sox fans could see what kind of team they would have.

Buehrle has great outing Halladay better as White Sox drop fifth straight

This losing streak came out of nowhere.  After blowing a lead to the Minnesota Twins and getting swept the White Sox got outpitched in a game that they should have lost.  Out of the last four games the White Sox gave three of them to their opponents.  Friday, they just ran into a bette pitcher despite a stellar effort by Mark Burehrle. Buehrle only made one mistake, a homerun, another was just a superior effort by Frank Thomas.  Anyway,  Let’s hope for better effort by Javy tommorrow.

Sox Offense Breaks through against Santana, Bullpen fails to hold another one

The White Sox bullpen is the reason why the White Sox will not go to the playoffs.  The White Sox sent Andy Sisco down, but what did they do to help themselves absolutely nothing.  After, a lot of deals that Kenny Williams consumated this year all around getting the bullpen better, they are worse.  The bullpen has blown 8 games already this year.  The offense facing Santana, Kazmir on consecutive days scored 4 or more runs on both days.  That is enough to win.  The White Sox better do something soon, or the season is in jeopardy.  If you also look at that rotation, I would put Buehrle, or Garland 1 or 2 and then have John Danks be your three, Contreras, your 4, and Javy, be your 5th starter.  Contreras does not look healthy and he looks to need more rest, Javy is giving up lots of runs.  Garland, Buehrle, and Danks are your most effective starters right now.

White Sox pull out on Terrero’s Homer, Crede’s Sac Fly

The White Sox won another close game on Friday, thanks to Terrero, and Crede.  Terrero provided a  three run home-run.  Tampa Bay tied the game in the seventh innning and Joe Crede in the bottom of the ninth sent a deep fly to left field scoring Tadhito Iguchi with the winning run.  The White Sox have been treading water lately.  The bullpen has blown 7 games this year already and did a nice job today.  The win puts the White Sox four games over the .500 mark.

Good starting pitching great offense lead Sox to third straight victory.

Behind Contreras and John Danks, The Chicago White Sox have won the last two games.  If there is one thing that the Crosstown Classic did for the White Sox it definitely wokeup their bats.   The White Sox won their 5th series in the last 6 and the game 10 to 3.  Danks pitched another really good game as Kenny Williams can crow a little bit, in a week where Nick Masset and John Danks won.  The Sox are starting to put it together.  If their bullpen can play better they definitely can win the A.L. Central.  Both the Indians and Tigers start to play a tougher schedule, time for the Sox to make up some ground.