Sox take lead early, bullpen shaky

If you watched the first two games, you would have sworn there was an instant replay of the first two Sox take lead early starter does well.  Cubs rally and win the game right. No, A.J. Pierzynski hits a grand slam off of good friend Neil Cotts and the White Sox hold on for a 10-6 victory.  Anyway, the bullpen makes it interesteing by giving up four more runs and and taking a 10-2 lead and making it 10 to 6.  A one hour rain delay and the White Sox need closer Bobby Jenks to finish the game.  Relief for the White Sox nation no sweep over our beloved White Sox.


Ouch Part Two, Cubs go for the sweep tommorrow.

As a White Sox fan I hate to give credit to the Cubs, but they came back to rally and hit some pretty good pitches to win the game today.  Yesterday, I was criticizing Ozzie for not putting in Aardsma in yesterday.  Today I could see why, because just as in spring training Aardsma’s ball was not moving as much because he was trying to go against his former team the Cubs.  I have to say again, everyone talks about this bullpen pitching pretty good, they have not this is the seventh time the bullpen blew a lead and cost the White Sox a game. Maybe I am watching a different game then everyone else if we win 70% of those games the White Sox would be in first place leading the best division in baseball.  Forget about the hitting it is coming around.  The White Sox were able to score 6 runs.  The Cubs go for the sweep which I guess really hurts us.  They have  a real chance with Masset on the hill tommorrow, and a depleted bullpen.

OUCH Sox give away game to Cubs

The White Sox had a collective collapse on Friday, and it was painful to watch especially when you are a White Sox fan at Wrigley Field.   The White Sox fielded what Dan Jiggets said was a "Triple AAA squad".  No Joe Crede, Ryan Sweeney, A.J Pierzynski.  It all hurt late for the White Sox .  Behind a solid effort of Buehrle, the Sox gave away the lead with errors, bad decisions and bad managing.  The error with the drop by Ozuna in the bottom of th 7th inning  caused one more run to come in.  Also, an error by Uribe in the same inning caused the Sox just as much pain.  Mike McDougal continues to struggle as the bullpen gave away another game its 6th this year.  As I have detailed in many posts the bullpen is on its way to blowing close to 20 games.  This could do the White Sox in for a second year in a row.  How intense was this rivalvry, Cubs fan were celebrating like they won the World Series.  I had to stomach a tough day at Wrigley, but all in all it was a fun time.  Ozzie shares some blame by not bringing in Aardsma who has shut down runnners all year round.  I think he is trying to see if McDougal can come back and be the pitcher he was last year.  Well he is not.  What was frustrating was Aardsma started warming up after the Cubs had pretty much sealed the game.

White Sox best team in baseball?

After 34 games I was asking myself this question, are the White Sox the best in baseball.  There are 18-16 despite having the lowest batting avg in the American League and despite having blown 5 leads.  At the beginning of the season, I said the Red Sox and White Sox are the two best teams in the American League and in baseball.  The Red Sox are playing like it, the White Sox have not, if their bullpen does some clutch pitching they probably are.  What about those Tigers, they are right up there.  I think the White Sox play well enough to get a Wild-Card and Tigers win Division.  I also think ,the White Sox get into the Series, their hitting and pitching put together at the right time in the post-season.  Anyway, if they could put last years hitting with this years pitching they probably would have won 120 games.  Oh right you cannot help me from dreaming.  Go White Sox.

Buehrle not sharp Sox rally to win.

The White Sox are heating up, despite Buehrle’s worst outing of the year.  The White Sox rallied from two runs down, a dramatic double by Juan Uribe, following a clutch single by Darin Erstad tied the game in the ninth inning.  Konerko walked in the 10th, was pinch ran for by Terrero, and went to second on a wild pitch.  Jermaine Dye, then got the clutch single to drive in Terrero.  I was exaggerating about Buehrle.  Buehrle did not have his best stuff, and he kept the Sox in the game.  He gave up four runs, all in the one inning.  Sox fans should be encouraged by the White Sox start,  Konerko and Dye usually start slow, last year was an aberration.  In 2005, Both Dye and Konerko were batting around .200 and then got hot when the Sox needed them.  The same with Crede, lets hope history repeats itself.

Garland and Pen get the job done

Jon Garland looked the American Leagues winniest pitcher over the last two years.  He is 2-2 after looking extremely sharp throuth 8 and a third innings.  The bullpen closed the deal this time after blowing three leads for Garland.  A.J. getting another clutch it.  The Royals give the White Sox fits even when the Sox win.  The Sox are starting to look good as their startin pitching picks up the load.


The White Sox played a game that you could only Grinder Ball.  They won a game on a complete game 5 hit shutout.  The ChiSox are playing better, but leaving several games on the table.  However, this road trip could have been a real disaster starting 0-3, the Sox salvaged 4-4 split winning 4 of the next five games.  Ozzie has to figure out how to use his bullpen.  The biggest brightspot over the last five games has been the starting pitching, they have allowed eight runs over the last five starts, if that can continue for awhile, the White Sox can win somemore games.  Lets see they Sox need all three of these games agains KC to really start something.  BTW, it is grudge match time again.  Next week, the White Sox take on the Cubs in what is the greatest rivalvry in baseball.