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Buehrle’s No-No

After Today’s 7-5 decision over the Detroit Tigers, The White Sox are starting to show the resiliency of the 2005 team.   The Sox down 4 runs in the first inning rallied twice and then a third time to win the ballgame.  It is extremely interesting that the White Sox rallied in 2005 off of Mark Buehrle 1-0 decision off of Cleveland in the home opener.  They then fell out of the playoffs mostly due to Buehrle’s inconsistency in the second half of 2006.  This year Buehrle’s No-hitter has reignited the White Sox.  As the Buehrle’s goes so do the White Sox?  In addition in that game the play that rallied the crowd and the team was Joe Crede’s incredible diving play. I was at the game and the Sox rallied with a run and followed with a Grand-Slam home run courtesy of Jermaine Dye. The White Sox hit a lot of hard hit balls, but had nothing to show for it early in the game.  The Sox then broke through to win the game and of course Buehrle pitched a brilliant game.